A New Health Care Medium

This article discusses the advances in the phenomenon of smart phone apps that provide access to information and other health care related resources. In the United States, privatized health care makes it difficult for many citizens who are unemployed (and even some who are) to get the medical attention they need to live healthy lives. Health care is expensive in this country, but with the help of these apps, many more people in the lower socio economic classes are able to learn how to take care of their bodies. If these apps are going to be truly about helping the average citizen and not just about making money, it is important to have anthropologists helping with the app development. Anthropologists tend to have the citizens’ best interest in mind where as large companies in the medical and health care sector are more likely to be concerned with profit. By looking at the needs of real individuals in need of health care, anthropologists are very well suited to work to develop health care apps.