A Literature of Practice

Anthropologists work in manny fields the article describes the practices that an anthropologist goes through. The multiple opportunities that anthropologists get are as follows writing for tourist places, working for the DoD, and others. The author personally works for the  Department of Defence and states that it is different to work for that organisation. This is because of the difficulty in time restrictions, receiving consent from subjects, and the review process for publication. He states this is why many go into writing about areas  of travel and leisure to educate people in what to expect in under-reported areas because it is simpler and has less constraints.

This article maintains a view point on what an anthropologist can do to inform the public on specific subjects. It is important to understand the ways of conducting fieldwork and what it contributes to. The author takes us through the difficulties of being an anthropologist from garnering grants to proceed with experiments or reports. Moreover the article states the process of gathering information and getting conclusions on what the military should or should not do. The article furthermore states the importance of having discussions toward what is done to anthropological research and its influences to multiple audiences.