A Crude Existence

Energy is the key to life in the 21st century. When an oil reserve was discovered under the part of the earth humans have named Ecuador, corporations jumped on the opportunity to extract it and make a profit. As with many other situations in which a possible energy source is to be gained. The people living on the land were not taken into consideration. Their homes and ways of life were thrown to the wayside as corporations came in. It wasn’t until years later that anthropologists actually took the time to consider what these monumental changes meant for the Ecuadorians who were affected by the oil extraction. Unsurprisingly, life as an average citizen isn’t great. It is to our benefit that anthropologists take the time and have the skill set to expose the truth about the lives that are being harmed as big energy companies try to exploit the land and wind up exploiting the land’s people right along with it. Without them most of the world would never know the truth.