Women in the Political World

In years past, women could not hold government positions because there were laws against it and they were looked upon as unequal to men. Nowadays, what is holding women back? There are not any laws against it, but women still serve a different role and stereotype than men in society.

In his post, Dove Ideology, P. Kerim Friedman mentions how if a woman candidate’s appearance is discussed, than it removes her from the political world and puts her into a beauty pageant. It does not matter if she is beautiful or ugly. Why should a woman’s look matter if she is running for a political position? Our country focuses more on if beautiful women are running our country than smart and talented ones.

A factor that ties into this would be masculinity. Right now politics is mostly dominated by men. They could feel emasculated if a woman beat them in an election because men are supposedly the ones that are powerful and in control. Another factor is the media. The media loves to look at things in the wrong light, but that is what makes thousands of people listen to it. The media wants to fill the role of assessing the beauty of a person rather than their talents. Media mainly assesses women because the women in society are supposed to be the beautiful, submissive, elegant ones. So they feel they have the right to put each woman on a scale to see where she fits, even if it is a politician whose role in society should not matter on her looks.


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