We have Everything.

Many people don’t realize all the advantages they have in their life compared to others and yet they are always complaining about not having enough. The homeless are the once that truely don’t have enough and people judge the homeless for the fact that there are so many ways to succeed in life, but no one knows the true reason for them being without a home or a job. If we think we all have family and friends at some point of our lives that can help us get through many situations. So why are there so many people homeless? Why don’t the family help them? Why are the abandoned? How did they manage to become homeless?

We should appreciate what we have a see that there are so many people that need help. Being homeless is a very rough way to live and survive, no one deserves to live that way.

There are different ways in which we can help eachother before getting to that stage of being homeless or simplely helping the homeless. The post “Self-organization, Integration and Homeless People” gives a small list of categoried for people being stigmatized from our society and the homeless in a way create their own society and their own problems on surviving. Helping create groups to help other groups in need is a good way to start realizing that all you have is more than enough and there are so many other problems to worry about like helping others.

Source: http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2014/10/27/self-organization-integration-and-homeless-people/


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  1. Before one can begin to understand modern Anthropology, I think it is very important to realize all the ways in which one is privileged. The old saying “Don’t judge someone before you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” comes to mind. If we are unwilling to help our fellow humans, conditions will not improve.

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