Teaching cultural anthropology to high school students?

For students in college that take anthropology course can be very helpful to take an anthropology course in high school. Cultural anthropology coveres many topics that at times can be very confusing because you sometimes suddenly loose track of one topics going into another. It seems to me that everything relates to anthropology and in high school it is a good way to have different views as to different cultures.

When being in high school we don’t really take course that can be challenging in our careers and teachers say that we are getting prepared for college, but then being in college you realize that you weren’t so prepared.

Taking the cultural anthropology course can help high school students for the future in having an anthropological view of things and it is always a good way to see things around you differently than others. The anthropology course is not common for high school students and I think it’s because not many people have come across anthropology subjects. We live around so many different subjects that we don’t usually take under consideration.

Why take an anthropology course in high school or even in college?

Different people have different interests and having an anthropological knowledge gives different cultures different meanings and importances on the way we develop in generations.

Source: http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2014/10/21/anthropology-in-the-high-school-classroom-ii/


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