Subway Lingo

Unknown Want to explore different languages?  What if I told you that this is something that is accomplishable without having to step foot on an airplane? I can put $2.50 on a metrocard for you and put you on the A train and you would get a vast array of languages displayed right in front of you. That one train ride could satisfy you hunger for different langauge exposure for a while.

In the article The World’s Most Linguistically Diverse Location? New York City, Mark Turin discusses the abundance of different languages that lives in the city. The main problem that he focus on is the fact that many of the languages that are brought over here are dying out once they get here. He touches upon the urgency for the preservation of many of these languages. The real issue that should be focussed on is the preservation of the culture of these languages. If the culture is not preserved, the language will become hard to connect with and will eventually become obsolete. It is hard because many of the younger generations and those born after the people who immigrated to this country become very Americanized. They start to develop this culture more than the one of their ancestors. The main way to overcome this issue is to embrace and continue to teach the culture behind each of the languages. If not the use of your google translator on your ride will no longer be needed.