Revealing Yourself as a Drag

Drag is an art performaced by usually male and female that shows exaggerated characteristics about a gender. Not everyone sees the performance as art and usually see it as a performance about gender identity conflict and sex without a title.

Drag can cause many people to be uncomfortable with the fact that it is usually a performace done by gay male as a female. Hence for the term “Drag Queen”. And now the term “Drag King” is the title for the female performing as a male. This performance has developed through the years and I believe that it is a good way for male to reveal their true feeling. Its very difficult for male to show the world that they are gay and also for females it can be rough at times to admit that they are lesbian. We have developed that it is so normal to say that gender likes the same gender, but we still judge eachother and things are never really as normal as they may seem.

I ask myself. Does performing as adrag queen or king help you show the world your true feeling and express yourself as you are without being afraid that you are being judged because as a performace it is completly normal?

In my eyes I see the performance as a good way to be comfortable with who you are and who you are trying to find in yourself.