“Realistic Barbie”

In an article by Elizabeth Chin, called “Why Lamilly Won’t Last” she discusses what the title suggests why Lamily won’t last. Lamily is an alternative Barbie doll that is modeled after the real life measurements of the average 19 year old girl.
Chin tells us about another attempt made in the 90’s to make a realistic doll that failed, and she projects that this doll will do the same. The 90’s version of Lamilly was called “Happy to be me” doll, which also claims to look like the average 19 year old.
This doll failed and so will Lamily because little girls are not concerned with the body image of a doll they play with. The people that are concerned about this are the parents of the child. Both Lamilly and “Happy to be me” doll show an athletic body type that not all 19 year olds share and both are white. While the “average” body size is still not attainable for all women, this realistic average doll isn’t realistic at all.
Chin also addresses activities that no one blames for giving girls a negative body image, such as ballet, gymnastics and cheerleading that promote a small frames of young girls. Another party who does not get blamed for giving girls negative body images are the women in the lives of young girls who diet and judge their own body negatively.