Online Anti-racism

While there are differences between promoting anti-racism online and offline, one method is not more effective than the other. Criticisms of online anti-racism found on social media sites like Tumblr suggest that it is an inauthentic method of activist communication since it aims to appear progressive and helpful as opposed to actually being progressive and helpful through actions in the physical sense.

It may seem as if Tumblr activists are hiding behind an online identity but in reality, it is those identities that allow them to fully express their anti-racism positions and enable them to easily join other anti-racist bloggers that have similar Tumblr identities. Different races have faced different hardships within our country, so it is appropriate that anti-racist activists would try to distinguish themselves so that they can fight for more specific causes rather than just anti-racism in general.

Physical anti-racism also has flaws; the social rules that we are bound by privileges non-white voices in communicating about racism issues. These social rules discourage the voices of white anti-racism activists. Tumblr, where race is not immediately apparent unless it is stated in the blogger’s account, provides a platform for white activists to speak freely of societal pressures.

There really should be no discussion of what types of anti-racism are real and what are inauthentic. People should feel free to join the discussion in any form they choose because any type of action against racism is more helpful then remaining completely silent.