Going to Pottery Barn

History repeats itself is a quote that is important to learn about. However in the past manny have pillaged, colonised, and messed up the world through various means. By understanding the violence that the past has been through hope for a better future arises. The article talks about the events in history from ISIS, Pakistan, Syria, Attila the Hun, and other important events. Using these examples and Pottery Barn’s slogan “If you break it you bought it” allows this generation to comprehend what their actions do. Thus the examples the writer uses convey the importance of striving for a better future. If everything in the world is destroyed then nothing will be left for the future.

Anthropologically this is important because it connects to the violence section of the course. Having a dog eat dog world, world peace will never exist. Moreover the article poses the question to who is at fault for world issues. People stigmatise the statement of I did not do it. However it is important to man up for ones mistakes to be able to know the truth, learn to reconcile, and lastly to forgive. Once this is learned it is possible to improve societies discriminations towards others and rebuild itself for a utopian future not the dystopian one we hare headed to experience.