Dancing through Istanbul

Modernisation, globalisation, and integration. The past of a country pre colonialism or globalisation is an important aspect to learn about. In Turkey’s case tourists visit the country often, which in turn brings in multinational corporations. The authors observations through two trips to the country show the importance of understanding the past. He compares his experience during his full bright during  the 1980s where he observed that sex sells. He saw a naked center-fold in a newspaper and asked his Turkish friend why it was in there and his friend replied Sex sells. Today his observations were somewhat similar Turkey’s streets are full of the old and the new they thrive on the Ottoman empires influence. His observation of seeing a McDonalds right next to a Kebab store shows the influence of the West in the country. Moreover he observed a couple walking the woman in a Niqab right next to a lingerie store with a woman dressed like a Victoria’s Secret model.

Writing about his observations connects to the course by showing cultural differences in Turkey. This is important to learn about because it allows people to learn about the effects a culture has on another and what this influence does. Furthermore the writer explains that there is a thin line between the influencer and the countries own culture which is important to understand in an international context.