Anthropology and Climate Change

The world is coming to an end climate change is taking over. However according to anthropological research done by Merrill Singer through the report of the August 13, 2014 issue of Arctic News says that “A catastrophe of unimaginable proportions is unfolding in the Arctic Ocean. Huge quantities of methane are erupting from the seafloor of the East Siberian Sea and entering the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean”. Research done by scientists from Sweden, Russia and the U.S. This affects the world according to Merrill because the USA still thrives on the belief that Climate Change does not exist. In Texas many six grade textbooks were altered to state that climate change does exist but it is not caused by human behaviour. Thus avoiding the education that todays younger generation needs to improve the planets future. According to the article many scientists have proven that climate change is due to human behaviour however Republicans refuse to acknowledge this fact.

With the research done and everything stated hopefully the views of the people in power will change and educate minors in what is happening with out bias and using facts. Questioning science is a mundane thing however rejecting or refusing to believe the facts will affect the future and maintain the ignorance of society.