Is Capitalism Killing Us?

Climate change is irreversible according to the new fifth Assessment Report on the state of scientific knowledge about climate change. The report showed that the largest greenhouse gas emission levels increased more rapidly towards the end of the 1970-2010 period. Approximately half of the Carbon Dioxide emissions in the period of 1750-2010 occurred within the last 40 years. Most emissions are a result of the production of Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuel combustion and industrial production.

Due to the greenhouse gas emissions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that 2014 will be the hottest year to date. Currently, we are at approximately 2 degree Celsius. However, if predictions hold true, by 2100 greenhouse gas emissions will increase somewhere between 3.7 degrees Celsius and 4.8 degrees Celsius. This will cause massive crop failures and starvation, rising seas and coastal and island flooding. However, the point of no return is much closer than 2100.

This problem is no longer related to neglect from Capitol Hill, rather it is a result of capitalism. Capitalism relies heavily on the use of fossil fuels and has since the industrial revolution, which is why we have seen such a boom in greenhouse gas emissions within the last one hundred years. Byproduct waste from the production, transportation, and construction process of global capitalism is killing our ecosystem, many species, and people. In order to halt the killing of our planet, we need to find alternative methods for sustainable economic systems and ways of life.


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