Voodo, Magic, and Witchcraft

In the article, “Unmaking spirits? A case of witchcraft in Cuba,” by Diana Espirito, the article discusses how witchcraft in Cuba is a large part of their culture and is prevalent in the lives of those who live there as well as visit. Diana talks about her experience with a spirit that was sent to attach itself to her and give a message of love from the sender.

This entire article reminds me of the excerpt we discussed in class called “The Secrets of Hati’s Living Dead.” We talked about how voodoo and witchcraft were a way to control people as well as uphold laws. Once one was a zombie and taken control of by witchcraft, they would have to be freed in order to escape the hold of their master. In the Unmaking Spirits article, Diana states “selves or souls (or souls as selves) are located in the recesses of bodies or minds, subject to ascension (or liberation) after death, or recovery through therapy.” This brings up the cultural idea that souls can be freed even after they are trapped with voodoo or witchcraft. This idea and kind of ritual is found in many other cultures.

The idea of witchcraft being used to contain souls and use them to do the bidding of a master is a strong part of cultural anthropology. It is important in the future to make sure these unique cultures are preserved and won’t be destroyed like many thanks to the modern world.

Reference: http://popanth.com/article/unmaking-spirits-a-case-of-witchcraft-in-cuba

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