Mobile Phones more common than Toilets

Here is a question to think about: How many people have mobile phones in the world? How many people have access to a toilet in the world? If you do research and take a look at the numbers, they are significantly different. Why is that the case?

According to Jen Barr, the author of article, “Oh shit, mobile phones more common than toilets,” many people around the world today have access to a mobile phone of some sort, so we need to make toilets available to everyone. However, in many urban places, the infrastructure for managing human waste is either inadequate or completely absent, causing people to deal with their waste somehow.

In countries like China, Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh, and India, waste is handled by other humans with very limited or no protection at all. Therefore, this inequality or lack of access to better sanitation conditions leave people living in these countries at a high risk for serious diseases and conditions.

According to the article, currently 2.5 billion people lack access to safe sanitation and over 1.1 billion people defecate in the open. These numbers are unbelievable. I understand that many countries do not have a state manage system in which the state government maintains the waste system, but still.

In conclusion, many people still lack access to sanitation and toilets in developing countries. Meanwhile, living in the United States, we have access to toilets as well as mobile phones. We should consider the conditions in other parts of the world.




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