Just Play the Air Guitar


Each year the Air Guitar Word Championships are held in Oulu, Finland. This event consists of both adults and children going on stage in front of thousands of people and playing the air guitar for the entirety of a song. There is controversy over this competition as some call it “stupid,” “pathetic,” and an “embarrassment to the human race.”

However, the Air Guitar World Championships are “not about music, but it’s a performance that imagines and expressed pleasure, confidence, and community.” Almost everyone in the world has an emotional fascination with musical performance, which makes the event relatable and very light hearted. It truly captures the theatricality and emotions intensity of both the musicians and the contestants.

However, the main purpose of this yearly ritual is to promote world piece and gain a sense of community. It is said that is everyone just played true air guitar wars would end, there would be no more climate change, and all bad things would be over. This is an accurate statement because if we took ourselves and everyone else around us less seriously, it would make for a happier and more tranquil place here on Earth. The ritual of inspiring the community to be one is vital in the progression of society towards unity.

Source: http://popanth.com/article/pleasure-community-and-air-guitar:


One thought on “Just Play the Air Guitar

  1. I find this article to be quite amusing. I could understand why there would be a lot of backlash and controversy. I could also understand why people would consider air guitaring to be “pathetic.” I imagine people believing this as being a waste of time or irrelevant to creating world peace. I see it as people wanting quick solutions to solve problems such as ending climate change, instead of gathering together to “play around and have fun.”

    However, I do applaud the people of Finland for having hope. Not many people these days can carry so much optimism while being in a midst of chaos and world destruction. They believe that engaging in this type of activity would create tranquility. I think it is a valid reason to believe this activity to bring peace, but not one that would last for a long term.

    Overall, you brought up accurate points that I agree with. I thought your article was very well written. Nice work.

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