Everyone’s Opinions Matter

There are millions of people worldwide living without a home. They must learn to survive on their own without daily running water, electricity, and some times without a guaranteed meal. However, despite their lack of  resources they express the capacity to conform to the norm.

The Espacio Carlos Mugica is a support group composed of of people who live in the street along with organizations that actually support those that live in the street. The main purpose of this group is to participate in the design, implementation, and assessment of public policy to protect the rights of those who live on the streets and are homeless.

The Espacio Carlos Mugica serves as an aid to those who are less fortunate for the sole purpose of caring for them, it is not an attempt for them to be seen in a brighter light or in a better perspective. They have weekly meetings at a specific point on the street to to discuss was to taking action, collectively. The actions would for the most part be aimed towards ways to obtain food, shelter, health, and public policy.

In one instance, a man from a group call Proyecto 7 managed and Integration Center and was the first organization world wide to be self managed by a homeless man.