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For quite sometime now there has been much controversy over Barbie toys and how these dolls give girls unrealistic expectation’s of what their bodies are supposed to look like. Since this controversy has begun there have been attempts to make dolls with more “realistic” body dimensions. Some say that this is to help girls feel better about their bodies and not constantly be comparing themselves to a doll that ultimately would be anorexic in real life with disproportionate body sizes. However, it is argued in the article that these dolls will not last and will not solve any of our problems.

When I was younger I had many Barbie dolls and I don’t think I ever once compared barbie’s body to my own. I used them just for imaginative play. So, what might this mean for our culture. The article suggests that Barbie is not the problem but the unrealistic beauty and body standards society has come to value and promote is the real culprit.

This makes you wonder if society didn’t place so much emphasis on girls being skinny and pretty would we still have these issues with Barbie? As a culture we often time have an issue with things such as a toys but it’s not the actual toy we have a problem with rather what that toy has come to represent in the culture or society.

If we want girls stop idolizing Barbie we need to stop placing so much pressure on girls to be feminine. We also, need to stop reinforcing and encouraging girls to be obsessed with their bodies and what they look like. Instead as a society and culture we need to begin encouraging girls that they can do what every there heart desires. Also that they should not feel obligated to take on the so-called feminine roles. They should be taught that beauty is concerned with things other than being pretty and having a tiny waste. This would be much more effective than simply just making a doll with more realistic body dimensions.


Why Lamilly Won’t Last by P. Kerim Friedman


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  1. I think this is a very interesting point of view. There was an interesting video where second graders were asked a series of questions about the doll, one of them being “which one looks more like you?” Almost all answered that the Lammily looked more like them; so I do feel as though children do compare themselves with not only other people, but with their toys. Of course I agree that outside societal pressure adds to the fact that little girls should see themselves in a certain way; If just the Barbie doll were the culprit, we would have seen rates of eating disorders in young girls as high as they are now, back in the 60s, 70s, etc. So although I think that it is society that needs to change first, I feel as though changing something simple, such as the way a doll is made, could help move society in a more body positive direction. Great topic.

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