what migration can inspire us?

Migration has become not only a common phenomenon but also a severe problem in today’s world. When we talk about migration, we talk about people’s movement, yet it’s inevitable to ask the question, “why do people choose to leave their motherland and go to another country?” In Ross Willems’s article, he talks about how health care services influence people’s migration aspiration and lead them to decide to migrate ultimately.

As Willems mentions, the country that has the highest migration aspiration is Senegal. In Senegal, poor people are the majority and they don’t have access to health care services, which is actually a basic human right. From my own point of view, people who cannot obtain their basic human are actually experiencing a specific form of violence, structural violence. From the history of Senegal’s health care services, we can see that moving from the colonial to post-colonial era even until today, health care services are only available to wealthy people, while poor people don’t have or have little access to health care services. That’s how structural violence is generated: health care services, as a kind of resources, are distributed to people unevenly due to an incomplete healthcare system.

Therefore, we can see that behind migration is a country’s specific institutional problem, such as Senegal’s incomplete healthcare system. Medical anthropology helps us understand that people are experiencing violence and why people are experiencing that violence. However, what anthropology can do further is to explain and explore what can be done to solve this problem.

reference: http://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2014/04/01/migration-aspirations-in-morocco-senegal-turkey-and-ukraine/


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