Effects of the Economy on Technology Usage

As everyone is aware, the economy is not in the favor of the majority of people. Only a small percentage has access to all of their needs and wants, while the rest of us have to make sacrifices and work hard. New technology is able to help the sacrifices not have as huge an impact as before. One of the new technologies are the applications (a.k.a. apps) that people are able to get on their some computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones.

These apps allow people to save time, so they can work more, and save money. There are apps that allow people to meet others that are interested in being in a relationship. This allows people to save time by skipping the search in person and, instead, getting matched by an online source. People are also able to save money by getting apps that take the role of a person. In her piece titled App-ography: A critical perspective on medical and health apps, Deborah Lupton talks about how apps are being used not only in the medical world, but also by people in their own home. Doctors and nurses have started using apps quite a bit with their work, however other people also have access to these apps. Most of the time, people use health and fitness apps to track their weight or learn to exercises to keep them in shape. These apps take the place of the trainers at the gym or a nutritionist, therefore saving the person money.

If the economy was in better shape, these apps might not be as popular or important. When the people do not have access to resources they want or need, they will try and create ways to get to them. In this case, people are able to create and use apps.


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  1. I like your blog and have never really thought about that before.Your blog let me understand the real world application of anthropological methods or theory because it is very true that if the economy was in better shape theses apps wouldn’t be as important. If the economy was as its top point people wouldn’t be looking for the cheapest way out. It was a good point that the apps are taking away jobs such as nutritionists and trainers because I have not really thought about that before either. Last thing is next time I would recommend proof reading a couple times because some wording is questionary but you still got your point across and was a good blog.

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