Urinating in Public

peeing-in-public-level-master_o_727463Urinating in public may seem odd to many, but in fact it is found to be normal…unless you are caught that is. Take India for instance, there is a no urinating policy because of the fact that men are making this into a terrible habit and are doing it too often. There are no hesistations to urinate by trees, streets or even in front of people. It is found to be completly normal, at least by men that is. If you ask me, this seems semi-normal because I have seen this occur a few times before, but to do it so openly and often in public, does seem a little out of the ordinary.

But why exactly is it considered to be so taboo in India? Author of  “When the City is your Urinal”, Jenn Barr studies this phenonmenon and discovers that it is problematic because of health concerns, discomfort from women, and because it is unsanitary. If you were a man found urinating in public, most likely you would get caught, get a warning and then get hosed down by tanks that are usually on patrol seeking urinators. Urinating is considered to be uncivilized. My main questions from this behavior would be, if urinating is seen as uncivilized, then why is it acceptable by men? What causes them to behave this way. Are they trying to proove their masculinity by breaking the law?

Jenn Barr answers these questions by saying “The lines of ownership become clear: public spaces are men’s spaces, and men are so powerful in these spaces that they can even engage in a vulnerable-making act like exposing their most vulnerable and male body part.” Men urinating is a sign of masculinity, power and dominance. This type of behavior; urinating wherever, gives men power to do what they want and to get away with it. The idea of urinating for Indian men is much more than just having liberation, but also rebelling against the higher authority and having gender dominance

Reference: http://popanth.com/article/when-the-city-is-your-urinal/


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  1. I think that your blog is great and that you have done a great job on picking such an interesting and unusual topic. Two summers ago I traveled to the Dominican Republic where public urinating is very common thing and from what I experienced children adapt to it from a very young age.
    I was very surprised because it seemed as if many of the adults and children found it normal to urinate publicly where I found it to be very unusual. I really liked it when you brought up the idea of power and dominance because, you never hear of woman urinating public it’s always the men doing such things and it seems like there is a bigger reason behind it.

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