What’s the difference?

Sex and gender are words most misinterpreted for being the same, but when in fact they are different. The real question that I ask myself is what is the actual difference between sex and gender?

In the article of Agustín Fuentes’, “Busting Myths of Human Nature”, he argues:

“The core belief underlying the myth of Sex is that men and women are different by design, that our very natures are opposite, or at least distinct, ways of being. This view holds that our innate difference is visible in our behaviour, desires and internal wiring. The relationships between, and within, the sexes and genders are constrained if we accept the natural opposites view.”

Culture and society define the idea of gender and sex as a whole without seeing the biological difference. They are usually stereotype humans gender and it eventually bleeds into sex. Society itself makes people like me have a blurred view of what the definition is and makes me come up with more questions without real answers.

Are we born with a gender or with a sex? Why is it that an anthropologist have a different view of sex and gender, after most of the time being has been so simple?