What is Being a Human?

What does being a human means? The definition of being a human can be very complex and vary between, people, culture, and countries. Agustin Fuentes’s writes an article that talks about being human, its rights, and behavior. Fuentes starts of with a quote from a Republican that says “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government.” Then he questions, “What do you mean by nature? Whose God are you talking about?” The answer to these questions will vary between individuals and culture influences on everyone’s definition. We are all shaped by our surroundings and how we are raised, which influences our behavior and our perspective on things.

Being a human is also influenced by ones definition on what is normal or natural. We can see something as natural while others think is crazy. The question that every one should ask is as stated in the article “Why humans do what we do?” People’s answer would be different depending on how they were raised, the environment, religion, and many other aspects that form a person.

What is true or right? We can say that the meaning of what is true and what is right are personal definitions, because what is true for one person may not be true for the other. Ones meanings are defined by the experiences and knowledge one captures through the years.

American anthropologist uses the word naturenurtural. We are naturenurtural because we are a combination of both nature and our environment. “Few of us want to accept that we know much less than we think, or that the basis for many of our actions and perceptions are not “natural” but naturenurtural: emergent properties of how we live our lives.”

A lot of the things we have don’t have to do with nature, but with the things we are surrounded. For example, society has created the term “race” which labels a person by their physical looks, and assumption of others by their race. When talking about being human, one should take note of all the topics that shape and influence ones perspective on things and the different meanings individuals give to “being a human”.