The Problem with Anthropology

Anthropology has proved itself useful. Many different fields of work such as management, business, marketing and administration have been showing an increased interest in anthropologists. According to this information, one might think that job opportunities for anthropology-major graduates are endless, however, this is not the case.
According to Dan Podjed and Meta Gorup’s Three Challenges for Applied Anthropology in Europe, anthropologists don’t usually end up working in a field that doesn’t requires the direct application of anthropological skills and knowledge. In this case, one might wonder what makes anthropology important? and why do students still choose to major in anthropology? The importance of anthropology lies in its universality. The same notion of universality that had caused the rise of the issue of jobs.
In order for anthropologists not to be seen as “useless scientists”, the creations of job that require direct use of anthropological skills is needed. In addition to working on gaining a better reputation as a rather distinct and successful field of work, rather than a social science that can be used in any field.
The application of anthropology in other fields is useful and highly needed. However, if that is the only option when it comes to job opportunities for anthropologists, we should reconsider the state of anthropology as a whole and create jobs especially for anthropologists in order to progress as an applied social science.

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