The Most Intimidating ring To Buy

One of the most intimidating questions to ask another person is if they will marry you. There is a significant amount of stress in choosing a person who you intend on spending the rest of your life with. As well as hoping that your relationship lasts, a couple also has hopes that their rings will last. It is difficult to find the perfect ring for your partner. Jewelers convince future husbands to buy the most expensive rings they have because more expensive is seen as better. However, an engagement ring signifies much more than just the amount of money that was spent on it. Anthropologists look deeper into the societal meaning of the engagement ring rather than just the amount of money it costs. Erin B. Taylor wrote the article “An Anthropologist’s Guide to Choosing An Engagement Ring” lists what she believes are five deeper meanings of the engagement ring. For example, “1. It symbolizes your relationship, 2. It represents a social and legal contract, 3. It communicates your individuality, 4. It indicates your social status and beliefs, 5. It stores economic value.”

When you look at a ring in a anthropological view it is not about how the ring looks but what it can symbolize for them as a couple. A ring shows their love to each other and promises they will stay together for the rest of their life. When receiving a ring and becoming married there is a social view of that ring showing you are taken by another individual. Looking for a ring could be a long time from now or could be right around the corner but remember the value of the ring doesn’t always beat the meaning of the ring.