The Fight Behind the Computer Screen

With the emergence of technology, the fight against racism has taken to the world of Tumblr. These anti-racism bloggers share stories, personal experiences, and thoughts that help promote a world where racism doesn’t exist. The progressive attitude in which these bloggers have taken to is what we need more of in this world, but how is sitting behind a computer screen going to promote change and equality? This form of media progressiveness is being seen much more as individuals have become submerged in the use of technology. Some believe it to be inauthentic because in the physical world, social lives are dictated by a broad set of social rules. Hiding behind text on Tumblr or other social media sites seems almost cowardly and mediated.

The saying, “there is power in numbers” is quite accurate and with this online form of activism, I don’t believe their efforts will be noticed. To truly change the world, we must make the effort and time to go rally. The more people who attend, the better. Posting heated discussion posts on social media is a great start, but it cannot end there. I don’t believe the end of “separate but equal” in the United States would have come so rapidly if it weren’t for the power and passion the members of the Civil Rights Movement had. Being torn down only made them stronger and social media doesn’t really allow for that to happen.