The Constraint in the Dichotomy of the Sexes


As Agustin Fuentes reveals in his blog, “Busting Myths of Human Nature,” “since ancient times humans have endeavoured to provide a concise description of human nature.” It is within these concise categories that the topic of sex and gender becomes chaotic. American culture strongly divides both sexes, male and female. This rigid dichotomy of the sexes not only creates deep, self troubles for individuals, but also prevents the chance of liberating oneself from these fixed categories.

There is a commonly accepted belief that men and women are two distinctly different beings.  Our differences range from our very core to our purposes in society. Fuentes specifies this view “holds that our innate difference is visible in our behaviour, desires and internal wiring.” With this innate idea underlying our culture, the way upon which these roles are thrusted upon us from birth are possible to see. Immediately, we are divided by gender with the colors of pink and blue, and continuously throughout childhood, we are further divided: girls like pink dollies, while boys like rugged trucks. These gender stereotypes never cease, and are continuously propelled on to us throughout life.

The dilemma in the separation of the sexes is the limited identifications and roles it attributes to individuals. Under this perspective,” the possible range of ways to be and become human and express our sexual and social selves is extremely limited.” If we can start suppressing these gender roles, individuals, along with relationships, can flourish in a culture that allows the possibility of diversity.