The Battle Of Gender & Sex

Filtering the words sex and gender in the present day may be more challenging in practice rather than theory. They are two terms constantly misconstrued in their context and their use is wronged. Elizabeth P. Challinor kindly contributes, “Gender has, in my opinion, become such a mainstream word that in some contexts, at least here in Portugal, it has become a misplaced substitute for sex. It as if people feel that it is no longer safe or politically correct to say the word sex…” As it states ‘sex’ determines whether you as an individual is born male or female, whereas ‘gender’ is the conviction and biological elucidation determining different social roles within your society. Most common example elaborating on this notion of gender is a transgender, where the expression of gender does not match that individual’s assigned sex. Although he/she may not undergo a sex change, the first step of distinguishing difference would be a change in appearance.

“I heard a journalist introduce a piece on ‘gender changes’”. The term utilized in this instance is surprisingly unfitting, as gender relates to a thought, belief and something more abstract, whereas on the other hand ‘sex change’ being the more appropriate expression, exclusively illustrates this ‘biological transformation’ with rational clarity. In addition to this misconception it is as if ‘gender’ is presented as an option of lifestyle, and not something that is obtained at birth.