Smoking Weed for Jesus

You can find Rastafarian iconic red, yellow and green combination in countless forms of popular clothing and merchandise. Rastafarianism has been spread wide and far past the reaches of the small island of Jamaica where it originated. It seems that Rastafarianism has gained such an intrigue around the world due to the emphasis that the religion puts on smoking pot for Jah – the Rastafarian name for God.

While many people may look at Rastafarians’ enthusiasm about marijuana as driven merely by an obsession with getting high, the anthropological view can actually reveal very fundamentalist aspects of the religion.

Rastafarianism is based on the belief that the bible was intended for black people, and then was reinterpreted by white people to form Christianity.

Rastafarians believe that smoking pot while reading the bible is essential in order to free the mind. It is also believed that marijuana is illegal to hide the truth from people, because marijuana will reveal the real messages of the bible. According to the author of this article, Erin B. Taylor, fundamentalism is “strict adherence to a text and its laws”.

Looking at this issue anthropologically we can see that while Rastafarianism is considered a radical interpretation of the bible, their interpretation is followed strictly and seriously. At the end of the article to further prove the point, Taylor equates smoking pot for Jah to drinking wine for God. |

This look at Rastafarianism is an excellent example of anthropological thinking because Taylor looks at the reasons behind the beliefs and rituals of the religion rather than just making judgments about whether the practices are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.


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  1. Hmm, interesting. Might I share this link of free online read into ancient, yet timeless Vedic texts of wisdom.
    The first text is spoken directly by the supreme anthropologist; The Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, 5000 years ago in erstwhile India.

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