Promoting gender or product?


What is the fastest way to promote an object? How do you convince the buyer to purchase that good? Common advertisements such as billboards, radio, and television are considered old school, as we hit the 21st century. A successful alternative has been brought to center stage having a sufficient impact on the consumer index. Promotional modeling is an upcoming occupation that is dominated by young women seeking for an easily achieved higher income. The only requirement is good looks and a thirst to ‘sell’. But what are you selling; a product or your image?

Sara Snitselaar says in her article, “We are also expected to be sexy. Our beguiling charm and our flirtatious demeanors are arguably more important than our ability to speak knowledgeably about the products we are promoting.”

At first glance, the behavior and nature of these young women may pose as uncommon, but controversially that is their selling point. With the use of their body they assert social control as well as dominance and gender clarification over their ‘victims’, the male consumer. They typify femininity through the exposure of elements, which express sexuality. Indirectly, objectification comes into play, with countless misinterpretations, “All promotional models are essentially the same–uneducated, shallow, attention-starved, just a pretty face or a pair of long legs”, as Snitselaar highlights. In some cases certain sacrifices must be made in order to preserve one-self (economically), which may have undesired feedback. So how far would you go to survive?