Peeing in Public

A recent issue that has arose in India is public urination. The issue has become more significantly talked about due to a video called “The Pissing Tanker” that went viral on youtube. The video shows a group of men peeing in various public locations around India. Since the video received such a huge reaction this must have hit a nerve for many people.

When reading on this issue several questions came to mind. How did going to the bathroom in general become a private function and why? Is going to the bathroom in India as much as a private process as it is in America? Would this have gotten a different reaction if it were women in the video instead? Answering these questions could be significant in coming up with a solution to this public urination issue.

The article “When the city is your urinal” by a medical anthropologist; Jen Barr, is where I first learned about the issue. In the article Barr states that “When a man exposes himself and pisses while a woman walks by, it creates the same discomfort and power dynamics as if a woman has just walked into the men’s restroom.” Barr also goes on to say that men are asserting their dominance over public spaces that should be for everyone, not just them.

This is happening in a time where gender relations are a major issue in India. I do believe that this issue is very much related to gender. To solve this issue I feel that anthropologist should look into why peeing in public makes a man feel dominant and how that all came about.