Morality at the Mexican Border

Within the United States, illegal immigration has been a prominent issue, garnering a great deal of political and militant attention. The border between the United States of America and Mexico has been increasingly adding security, in hopes of controlling the influx of illegal aliens entering the country.

Surges of unaccompanied minors have attempted to enter the country during the harsh Southern heat, hoping to be granted political asylum. In anthropologist Gabriella Sanchez’s article “A Tale of Many Borders”, she writes of receiving droves of mail asking to assist in aiding the masses trying to gain entry, due to her research involving human smuggling. Crime and chaos has forced the children to migrate north.

The United States government is left with a tough choice: allow tens of thousands of Mexican children to be naturalized in order to escape gang and drug organizations or turn them away at the border back to a war zone. Strict immigration laws have been implemented in the U.S. for years; breaking it to harbor illegal Mexican children would force the government to reassess all immigrants. On the other hand, turning the children away to wander the desert in a liminal state would depict the U.S. as being unforgiving towards nations, as well as children in need.