Mental State vs. Physical Attributes

Humans correlate physical actions with the way we use to express an emotional state of being. This is the reason we say “we are feeling up” as a way to express happiness and “we are feeling down” to express sadness. These common metaphors have been linked to cultural and physical experiences. Individuals tend to walk with more spunk and enthusiasm when feeling confident, and slump or drudge along when feeling sad. These metaphors change across different cultures as well. For instance, some cultures refer to the future as being in front of them and others see the future as being behind them.

The author of this article makes an argument that cultures have invented these metaphors as a way to communicate our feelings, however I don’t really agree. As far as depression goes, I know individuals who have physically been unable to move because the illness has effected them to such a degree. Our bodies physically show how we are feeling because it is nearly impossible to hide ones emotions completely. Our mental state and physical state tend to go hand in hand so that we wear our emotional being on our sleeves.