The ice bucket challenge is a social media phenomenon that is spreading all over the world where people post a video of them dumping a bucket of ice water over there head and nominate three other people to do it in the next 24 hours and if you do not complete the challenge then you have to donate 100 dollars to the organization. It’s actually making a difference in the ALS community it is giving them more awareness of the disease then its ever known and with that exposure it is getting donations to do studies to try and find a cure. The ALS challenge stuck because it was memorable to have all your friends, family, coworkers’ etc raising awareness along with you. While it brings awareness it is entertaining to watch people pour ice water over themselves. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a great cause but the disease itself affects mostly white men. Which brought awareness to Matt Thompson when he poses the question; “Yet doesn’t this also say something about how health care and well being are reflective of structural inequality?” the Ebola virus is a perfect example of a disease that did not achieving the same amount of publicity. Ebola did not trend when there were 1000s of people of dying in Africa, nor did it trend when 2000 of Africans were dying but then virus reached the United States all of a sudden society starts to show a complete interest on wanting to find a cure for the virus. This teaches people that our society has created a hierarchy that demonstrates the privileges of white Americans and that the publicity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was not an accident but a demonstration of privilege in our world.