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The article “ Intercultural relationships : Entry, adjustment, and cultural negotiations” article discusses the conjoined opinions of Silva, Luciana, Campbell,Kelly and Wright, David. In the past decade, interracial dating has become a very popular form of dating in the United States. According to CBS news, studies have shown that 1 in 7 New U.S. marriages are interracial and also the rate of interracial marriage in the U.S. has doubled since 1980.  However, despite the many many challenges that these couples face, such as racism and acceptance, interracial couples have shown to be positive influences in society. By integrating themselves in a diverse family, they are more likely to be accepting of each other’s differences and open-minded to different cultures.

It is explained in the article that an intercultural couple is defined as a union between two people who come from different nationalities. Interracial couples can have differences between themselves in race, ethnicity, religion, and language. Couples in intercultural relationships must be proficient in each other’s cultures and must practice each other’s culture in order for the relationship to work. From an anthropological point of view, this was very stimulating because it shows that when two different cultures are able to accept each other, they can create an ideal family. The impacts of children who have interracial parents are considerably positive. People with culturally diverse families have a higher tolerance for ambiguity and a greater appreciation for cultural blending. Therefore, interracial marriage can have a positive influence on society in persuading people to become well-rounded and accepting.


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  1. I think your blog is great and very relatable these days. I have a friend who is dating an Asian guy and I can completely agree that interracial relationships can lead to acceptance of differences and be open-minded about different cultures. My friend is taking more computer science classes since he is a CS major and trying more Asian food. I like how in the second paragraph, you use the article and analyze the positives of an interracial relationship. However, I think that you should add an example of interracial that you know of to the second paragraph to show that interracial relationships work.

  2. The argument that intercultural relationships create a display or example of multicultural families is intriguing to me. Anthropologically speaking, I think that this statement relates to how we make meaning in romantic relationships. The fact that we view a romantic relationship as a social statement somewhat proves that in our “melting pot culture” we can make meaning about our social and political standing through how other people live their lives.

  3. I found your blog post to be very interesting. It is great to think that our society is recognizing and embracing the cultural richness that comes out of interracial relationships. I particularly find the idea of the necessity to be proficient in your significant other’s culture to be interesting. In this sense, perhaps is it not only a good opportunity to learn a new culture but to become proficient in it in the sense that you have enriched your own understanding of the world and its many cultures. Similarly, it is interesting that we can use the platform of a relationship to make political and social meaning, judging from the point that interracial relationships create positive influences on society, it is interesting and inspiring to think that such relationships in themselves have political and social power to help create more equal and accepting societies.

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