Heard Mentality: Body Image Edition

Thin is in, still. The exploration of the reasoning behind the ultra-skinny body as the image of perfection in the West led the author of this article to an unexpected collection of thought. She talked to models, “average” women, and fashion designers about why women were thought to be more desirable when they were skinny. She found that there was very little conscious aesthetic decision making happening. People generally don’t think that the actively dislike “overweight” people because of personal levels of attractiveness. Every preference along this line can be blamed on societal expectations and how things have always been. Fashion designers make adult women’s clothes for pre-pubescent runway models because “that’s how the industry works”.

It seems like the root of the problem in today’s world (regardless of its origins in patriarchal design in which women were supposed to be submissive and small) is that no one is taking a critical look at the way the industry works. Fashion as it currently functions works quite well in our capitalistic society and so for fear of losing money, companies are unwilling to stray from the tried and true methods. Even if these methods are promoting women’s disempowerment and unhealthy body expectations for the general population. Norms but be challenged if change is going to happen.