Tradition Vs. Business

The clash between old traditions and new advancements in society has been documented multiple times. A fresh perspective on how far this conflict has spread globally is seen in the oNgala, a business man in Papua New Guinea. He came from a poor family and worked hard in the tourist industry to become part on New Guinea’s elite. However he still holds his heritage close and tries to participate in cultural tradition of gift giving, however a gift is not as simple as it seems. He found that many of the people he gave gifts to thought of them as a business transaction, not the traditional non-reciprocal gift. As oNgala continued he noticed that it became increasingly difficult for him to find the line between a business transaction and a gift. So how should Papua New Guinea solve this miscommunication? There needs to be a line of communication between the parties involved so that they can ascertain what the issue is, and how to solve it. One possible solution is for the government of Papua New Guinea to build a place where people can meet for each type of gift giving, however that is not so easy in a country where the geography and infrastructure makes transport difficult.