Exaggerated Acceptance on Tumblr

I have always had mixed feelings about Tumblr.  I never used it because I didn’t get how to use it.  However, I quickly learned that Tumblr was filled with people who put on a show of being accepting and all-inclusive in order to get attention.  This relates to James Jang’s article rather directly.  He brings up the question if anti-racist and universal equality posts on Tumblr are made to receive more reblogs, favorites, and followers or if their feelings are legitimate.

One example that Jang uses is that of a girl who says that “Asian” should not be used to describe American Asians as it undermines their roots as South East Asians.  This same girl believes that the term Asian is racist because it generalizes people into one category.  However, this is interesting as we are typically known as Americans, people from Europe are European, yet those from Asia need to be classified more specifically.  Many people make their opinions hyper sensitive in order to make a point.  For example, some people may say that all Asians look the same.  This is a moderately racist comment.  Because this is a commonly said thing by people, it causes people to make themselves more easily offended by things such as this just so they can seem “more anti-racist.”

Tumblr is a very accepting community of folks in many cases.  However, that is not to say that some users of the website do not play off certain hot topics in order to gain importance or acceptance from other communities.  People seek to be accepted and some of these people use acceptance as a way to be accepted by others.  This creates an unending cycle of potential exaggeration.  But there are worse types of exaggeration, so maybe this exaggeration of acceptance is not too bad.

Article:  What is so real about online anti-racism?