Climate Change is Partial to Men

Gender influences many aspects of a person’s life. It can influence what job they will have, how much they will get paid, what decisions they’ll make, and many more. There is, however, an difference in environmental impact associated with gender. In Climate Change Isn’t Gender Neutral, Merrill Singer writes about the different impacts of climate change to each respective gender. The stem of the gender-differentiated risks is the “normal” gender inequalities. These gender inequalities include education, access to income, and societal responsibilities.

In the low income area’s studied, women are the homemakers; acquiring water, watching crops, and up keeping household health maintenance. Events caused by climate change is making women’s chores more difficult. Not only that, but it makes women more susceptible to injury. Women are expected to continue with their chores, and any additional chores brought upon by extreme weather, while possibly fighting malnutrition, infection, or a combination of sorts. These health risks are not the only risks women face from climate change, there is a heightened risk of assault, theft, and rape in these types of conditions.

The current research of climate change is mostly focused on the physical consequences to the land we live on. The social aspect of this is equally as important. “Without attention to gender there can be no effective adaptation to the challenges of climate change and hence no sustainable human future.” It is important for us as a species to understand the social ramifications as well as the physical ones and how that could change the future.

“Climate Change Isn’t Gender Neutral” Merrill Singer