Can You Be alone in the city

Seeing other people keeps us at ease, although we may want to be alone some times, but we need to be reassured that there are others who are in the same boat as us. In the article by Erin B. Taylor “Alone in the City: How we Create Personal Space in the Madding Crowd” she explains how a man becomes very confused when getting on the morning TRAIN, and no one is there sitting in his seasonal favorite spot. She tells how he checks if there has been a crisis to see if everyone has died, then when he sees people again he is relieved. There are so many people around us all the time we become accustomed to this type of life but, like this article, when we are not familiar with something it can be very unusual and lonely. Due to the fact that we are around people most of our day we like to shut them out, this is one reason we are consistently on our phones. George Simmel points out that if we were to take in everything that was happening around us we would simply have a nervous breakdown. Loneliness is viewed as simply feeling alone. But does being around people for a consistent amount of time add to feelings of loneliness?