Belief and its Relation to Faith

As a person who does not practice a specific faith, I have always been baffled by the idea of the belief in God. This is not to say that it is invalid to have belief in the supernatural, only that (as a secular person) I have found faith to be a complex topic. In the article “Belief is the Least Part of Faith” by T M Luhrmann, the concept of faith and it’s correlation to belief in the supernatural is considered.  More specifically, the article examines the ideas of faith and belief in God through the example of Evangelical Christians. For many church goers, the idea of faith was not perhaps one’s own belief in God, but rather, that the act of attending church could become validation to belief in God.This is to say, that belief does not come from within, but is bestowed upon you if you attend a place of worship. While in the past the concept of faith included the committing of one’s “heart and soul” to the belief in God and thereby living for him, a more modern take on faith is that “‘given the uncertainty as to whether there be a God or not, as a fact of modern life, I announce that my opinion is yes'”. In this circumstance, opinion is just as valid as a complete spiritual belief in God’s existence. It seems that a large part of people’s decision to attend church is as a way to learn how to believe.