Animal interactions with Humans

Mexico, unfortunately, has a great amount of animal cruelty, strays, and brutality. Human and non-human relationships can very a great amount, especially depending on what type of animal we take into account. Every year Mexico has their annual festival, running of the bulls. After running half a mile to the bull fighting ring, sadly, none of them leave alive. Another tradition that takes place in Mexico is cock fighting. Watching these fights, for Mexican families, is like going on a family picnic or seeing a baseball game. Even if the bird is not killed during the fight, they suffer a great amount. The three inch long blades that are tied to the birds legs can cause severe damage to even a human.

I consider my dogs my best friends, but as we cross the boarder to Mexico, thoughts differ. In the article, “Approaching Animal-human Interactions in Mexico” Iván Sandoval-Cervantes she quotes, “according to the Mexican National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI), there are 18 million [dogs] in Mexico and only 30% have owners. These 12.6 million “street” dogs are hard to ignore in Mexico.” Dogs are thrown out on the streets because their owners no longer care for them or can afford them. Because neutering animals can be very expensive, most of these dogs are not. The more un-neutered dogs that are thrown out onto the streets, the more they reproduce. Sadly, there are not enough pounds to take in all these dogs and they either end up dying or living off scraps. For anthropologists in Latin America, these finding tell them more about the history behind human and non-human animals along with the fact that they are able to interpret our cooperating and understanding of one another.