Understanding People not just Data

This article uses anthropological thinking to pick apart an article on the Psychology Today that was written in a racist manner. The article basically says that African American women are the least attractive type of women. The basis for this comes from an unproven biological hypothesis and an average made from a number scale attractiveness ranking done by American Adolescent Health.

The biological basis for this argument is that African Americans have a significantly higher amount of mutations in their genome that makes them unattractive. This hypothesis is not proven. However the biggest part of this article that is relevant to anthropology is the number grading of the women.

Anybody with any anthropological knowledge would know that an average of these number grades does not prove anything. The idea of cultural relativism is not even considered in the original article. Black women might be the most unattractive group of women to certain group of men but then to another group of men they may be the most attractive. It really is important to look at what the group of men that did these rankings is like and where they are from. The cultural background that these men came from is absolutely huge to their preference on attractiveness.

These reasons are why purely analyzing data is not enough when doing a study on people. People have way too many factors in their life that influence them for a person to generalize about a group of people. It is not surprising to me at all that an anthropologist dissected this article because they seek to understand people and have often had firsthand experience with cultural relativism.

Source: http://savageminds.org/2011/05/16/why-are-evolutionary-psychologists-less-intelligent-than-other-mammals/