The Inequality In Climate Change

imagesMost often when climate change is talked about, the focus is on the effects that the environment is facing and evolving into. While climate change deserves the scientific attention it’s been receiving, for it is the fuel to how we will understand it, often we are left with an unspoken fear: How is this going to affect us?

Resources. Climate change is going to affect our resources and who has access to them. We can only imagine how this is going to play out when we look at different cultures and resource availability around the world today, especially to different social classes and even different genders. In Merrill Singer’s article, Climate Change Isn’t Gender Neutral, he raises the issue that the roles and restrictions of women around the world will be challenged. For a specific example, he calls upon Terry Cannons review in Bangladesh of flood related issues and the contamination of water. Often it can inhibit women’s ability to stay in safe areas, and can infringe on their livelihood, as well as their chores. He also talks about how cultural restrictions of women not being allowed in public would put them at risk in the event of seeking shelter or other ways they would need to deal with the environmental changes.

It is clear that in the near future, our different cultures are going to be put to the test. Inequalities will become more visible than ever and the foundations for bridging the gaps will be harder. However, studying these inequalities we have the ability to understand them, how different cultures work, and how they will need to work in the future.