A common concern among people who have posted a picture or a post on social media is what hash tags to use along with it. Even if you have never used a hash tag, you probably still have heard and seen them. They are now becoming increasingly popular on commercials and on websites for promotion. This makes them a common sight in most people’s day to day lives.

As a perspective film and anthropology double major I am interested in how the media connects to culture. I am interested in specifically creating documentaries, which is sparked from my goal to allow the mass media to easily acquire information in an accessible way. This makes me particularly interested in how media connects people and information.

Hash tags have made things even easier to find through media, described in Crystal Abidin’s article “#hashtagmylife”. This handy new improvement to social media allows things such as tweets and photos to be grouped together. People find themselves constantly using them in social media, even using more than one on a single post.

Corporations “usually decide an “official” hash tag for bloggers to use in their posts”, this can be used to popularize new products. Which leads to another important aspect of the hash tag on social media, it popularizes things recently going on. This allows for a constant connection between people and recent news.

Hash tags create a community of people talking about similar things. It can often be a stressful situation for people to create a hash tag, worried about things such as likes and favorites on a post. These likes can seem very important because they may lead to people gaining much desired internet fame. These people search for the attention of internet users, and must use the correct hash tags to engage people and hopefully gain more followers.

Overall hash tags make things much easier to find but most importantly they allow for connections. It connects people to each other and to popular events. Hash tags create an entire new culture and new rules for people to live by and conform to.

Reference: http://popanth.com/article/hashtagmylife/