App-ography and the Socioeconomic Perspective

A multitude of apps have been developed for various aspects of the medical field and therefore, people have begun to study it. In App-ography, Sociology Professor Deborah Lupton has begun to study the affect that medicinal apps for smartphones have on medical corporations. She notes that, “A growing number of medical schools are now offering at least part of their education via apps and require their students to own a tablet computer. ” These apps enhance the circulation by giving easy access to learning on the go.
Although not much anthropological research has been done on this new requirement, it is obvious that there is a socioeconomic cut off from medical knowledge. Without the money to purchase a app-compatible device, the student is effectively unable to engage with the entirety of the curriculum. While health care has been synonymous with citizenry, now it is seen as incomplete without adequate funds. In areas where populations are in lower-economic standing, the effectiveness of medical programs there will be lost due to the lack of app-compatible products. Using socioeconomic,s anthropologists can study what areas are worst hit with a lack of finances and then perhaps create a solution so that every medical student there can afford a app-compatible product.