A New Kind of Charity

In our culture today, people thrive off of $6 coffees from Starbucks and other multi-million dollar corporations. Small coffee shops around the country have to fight to keep their business and avoid losing customers to chain stores. In the article, “Coffee into charity,” author Samuel Victor explores a new kind of coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee. The faith based non-profit coffee shop is run by  Rob Touchstone, a bible professor at Lipscomb University. The Well Coffeehouse donates their profits to fund the construction of wells in several African Villages.

This type of coffee house charity, seeks to ” redefine consumption in a positive light and use our culture’s love of it as a vehicle for charity.” Often the way that large corporations go about donating to charities is by asking the customer to donate a dollar or more on top of their already overpriced bill. It seems that people have no problem buying a $6 dollar columbian coffee and a scone from Starbucks, but find it difficult to say yes when the cashier asks if they would like to donate to an unknown charity. What about donating to charities through multimillion dollar companies makes it so difficult? Large corporations are driven by profit in every aspect of their business making it more difficult for the consumer to relate to the charity they are donating to. Smaller nonprofit businesses are cause driven, not profit driven. This makes it more appealing to donate, because the customer knows that their money is going to help someone in need instead of helping a CEO buy a new car.

Large corporations are starting to control our country. They are able to set ridiculously high prices, and there is nothing the consumer can do about it. As Americans, we see no problem with buying an over priced coffee in the morning because we believe there is nothing we can do to make the corporations set more reasonable prices.  However, non-profits like The Well Coffee House gives buying over priced coffee a purpose. It is small businesses like this that are going to make large corporations rethink their position in society, and influence them to begin donating to non-profits, and charities.