The Cycle of Fat Bullying

All through middle school and high school there are bullies. One of the most popular types of bullying is bullying fat or chubby kids. There becomes a cycle of cause and effect of the bullying on the overweight children and teenagers. The cycle incorporates power, weight, and confidence.

The thinner kids feel they have more power than the overweight ones. They show this power through the physical and verbal bullying. This makes the confidence and self-esteem of the chubby children go down. This “gives” their confidence and power to the kids bullying them. Therefore, the thin kids feel they have more power because they know the kids they bully do not have the confidence to stand up for themselves.

Without their confidence or power, the fat kids feel they cannot improve their body or become thinner. They feel that in order to be confident and powerful, they need to have a thinner body. Except they cannot get that body and are stuck in their “unwanted” bodies without confidence in themselves.

The cycle is that the thin bullies make them believe they do not have power and in order to have power, they have to be thin. They cannot be thin unless they gain confidence to change their body, which someone has to give them.



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