The Brains Behind the Tube Dress

Does physical appearance negate a person’s intelligence? According to Sara Snitselaar, the customers she has encountered as a promotional model tend to believe so. Because of her tight dress and sexual physique, the men she comes in contact with are left in shock upon finding out this is just a means to fund her graduate studies. These men neglect to remember that a person’s job does not define them. This job, and many others revolving around the idea of sex, give struggling individuals the money and hours needed to complete their studies or feed their family.

I see the misconception that beauty means “ditsy,” “slutty” and “unintelligent” all the time. However, jobs like promotional workers, strippers, and hooters girls, reinforce these gender stereotypes. Women will not get hired if they do not have a nice body or can fake a bubbly personality. They are playing to the idea of what we have constructed a desirable woman to be. Even if behind the surface she is much more than her physical appearance, men often have a difficult time believing such things because in that moment, they only see her as a sexual object. This idea parallels the negative view of women using their breasts for anything besides a means to please sexual desires.